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  • Double Gluing Edge Banding Machine
Double Gluing Edge Banding Machine

Double Gluing Edge Banding Machine


1.Double Gluing and Pressing System

Double Gluing and Pressing System

Quick switching between dark and shallow colors for invisible glue line .

2.Pneumatic Control System

Pneumatic Control System

Automatically change between 4 different kinds of edge thickness,more efficiency.

3.Corner Rounding

Corner Rounding

Perfect look and touch work piece guaranteed multiple cornering options,standard in 4 series machines .

4.Fiat Scraping Mechanism

Fiat Scraping Mechanism

Scrapping off the visuable giue line,to make surface more smooth beautiful.

5.Pressing Beam Auto Positioning

Pressing Beam Auto Positioning

Fast positioning,improve positioning accuracy of pressure beam ,ensure smooth plate conveying.

6.lntelligent Thermal lnsulation Function (select to breed)

lntelligent Thermal lnsulation Function

Automatic control temperature ,when the machine is not working,the temperature autonatically drops to a hert preservation value,energy –saving and environmental protection,when need to use,quickly return to temperature(Reduce carbonization of gule)

1.Pre-Milling Mechanism

Pre-Milling Mechanism

Milling off the flaw on panel so for a best edge effect .

2.Plate preheating system

Plate preheating system

When the working environment temperature is lower than 10 ℃, the plate is preheated instantly to improve the firmness and stability of sealing edge.

3.End Cutting

End Cutting

With accurate linear guide movement,cut the edge at front and back side of workpiece,reduce edge waste at front&back side of workpiece,also ensure smooth cutting surface.

4.R1、R2 Fine Trimming

R1 Fine Trimming

R2 Fine Trimming

auto change according to thickness of edge tape,used to scrap off the excess edge tape at top and bottom, assuriang a flat and smooth surface.

5. Clean Unit

Clean Unit

Clear the spray oil and residual glue,keep panel clean.

6.Double buffing Unit

Double buffing Unit

Making surface more smooth beautiful.