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  • SMV8D-XP Precision Panel Saw

SMV8D-XP Precision Panel Saw

Industrial control machine can optimize the typesetting software
XES processing files can be imported and exported
Electric lift/tilt of large and small saw blades
Servo drive for mold seat
The largest saw blade can hold Φ400mm
15 inch industrial integrated screen
The size saw can cut at any Angle between 0 and 45 degrees

Technical parameter:

Dimension of sliding table 3200×435mm
Gross cut capacity 3200mm
Width of cut between saw blade and rip fence 1300mm
Saw blade diameter φ300mm(φ250-φ400)
Height of cut 80mm
Height of cut with saw blade at 45° 55mm
Speed of main saw spindle 3000/4000/5000rpm
Main spindle diameter φ30mm
Tilting saw blade 0-45°
Main motor 5.5KW
Scoring saw blade diameter φ120mm
Speed of scoring saw blade 8000r/min
Scoring spindle diameter φ20mm
Scoring motor 0.75kw
Net weight 1080kg
Overall dimensions 3350×3600×900mm